The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Sustainable Development Goals-SDGs Number 2 is ZERO HUNGER. This implies achieving food security, improve nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture which is one of the mechanisms the world must embrace to enhance food sufficiency.

Many would want to believe the old lady in the picture above is trying to complement Goal Number Two of the SDGs whilst others would disagree outright because, she is planting at her backyard and the harvest may not be even enough to feed herself and family on a daily bases.

But the questions that immediately come to one’s mindare: how many people still plant at their backyards?  Is there the required land to do agriculture? Are people just lazy to engage in small scale farming?

Well, there are a lot of things to think critically about when such questions arise. Indeed some people may want to do small scale farming at their backyards but unfortunately, they are tenants who would not dare venture go against the wishes or instructions of their Land Ladies or Land Lords!

Secondly, even property owners especially those in urban cities like Freetown, now opt to build structures on every small portion of their empty land for rentage or other purposes.

It was the former President of the Republic of Sierra Leone the late Alhaji Dr. Ahmed Tejan Kabbah, who once advised Sierra Leoneans to have gardens at their back yard in order to achieve food sufficiency.

People in the rural communities took heed to the late man’s advice and are still doing it but sadly enough, a lot of people still find it hard especially those in the urban areas as mentioned earlier.

But it is however worthy to note that as human beings, we should always bear in mind that nothing is minimal regarding development.

Therefore, let us embrace the culture of planting at our backyards as this will rescue us in some tough and trying times/situations.

Sometimes, you may wish to eat the fresh fruits harvested from the trees in your compounds or, the cassava leaves planted at your backyard gardens.

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