Happiness is very crucial in the lives of people and tends to create relief on the individual. It is crystal clear that sometimes our stresses and over thinking do washes away the happiness one has digested. There are many finer things in life that makes one happy; firstly, one has to love him or herself before extending it to another. Most times people will never love or appreciate themselves but rather pay more attention to the lives of other people and the world.

On the other hand, people perceived that money rules the world and that without it there shall be no happiness. This school of thought fails to conceive the fact that there is more to life than money. The social networks we create in our lives also help us to ingest more happiness, by this I meant, the kind of relations and interpersonal connections we make with other people are key in finding a long lasting happiness.

Someone would like to say happiness derives from oneself and how best the social interactions we create with other people are enticing and warmth, and thereby paving a true happiness that comes into the lives of those who are seeking it. Love and not money is pivotal to the individual that is in search of a meaningful happiness. Even if one has the notion that money is everything, love plays an integral part in that aspect. Money without love is like living a confuse life and may be one main barriers to bring about happiness in the life of that individual.

Most importantly, love is viable and it is something that cannot be diminishes so easily whereas money can be devilish and unjustly submerge in the lives of some humans without notification. Try by all means to bring about love in your life rather than be meditating all the time of how to make money. Build on your relations and social and cultural capital with one another and be compassionate about what life has to offer you.


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