Why People Feel So Tired All the Time?


Tiredness is part of everyone’s life. It is a state of being weak and feeling sleepy. People who always feel tired are those working for very long hours, whether an office or manual labor work.

Tiredness can be surely related to a manner in which one tends to employ excesses of labor in manual and mental activity he or she may engage in.

When one is tired, the first thing that comes into that person’s mind is to rest and/or relax, in order to re-energize and be positioned for greater performance, productivity and efficiency.

Most people feeling fatigue in this 21st century are those around the ages of adult and those around youthful age.

The former feels that way simply because of ageing and the latter feels the same due to extensive labor in work.

Men and Women tend to use their body parts beyond its required scope or range on a daily basis which leads to low energy.

For one to stop feeling tired all the time,there should be a limit of the energy employed in work whether manual or mental.

Again sometimes, it is necessary for one not to feel tired as that will lead to ailment or disturbing factors which also affects the state of mind and wellbeing at the workplace.

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