Mercury ‘Icon of the Day’….

Silvio Gazzaniga, the sculptor/goldsmith whose design holds the world aloft design for the modern FIFA World Cup Trophy…

Silvio Gazzaniga was born in Milan on 23 January 1921. He studied to become a sculptor in the art schools of the capital of Lombardy, Milan. During the avant-garde period of the 1940s, he attended the “Humanitarian School of Applied Art” and the “High School of Art” at the Sforzesco Castle, specialising as a goldsmith and jeweler. After the dramatic disruption of World War II, he started his career as a sculptor of medals, cups, and decorations and at the end of 1953 began to collaborate with, Bertoni Milano (known today as GDE Bertoni), as artistic director and master sculptor.

But 1970 was the year that changed his professional life and the profile of this private man. After Brazil won the Cup for the third time at the Mexico World Cup Final, FIFA rules dictated that Brazil would keep the Rimet Cup in perpetuity. FIFA, therefore, needed another trophy and out of the 53 designs submitted by artists from all over the world, Gazzaniga’s was the winning design. The new cup represents the joy, exultation, and greatness of the athlete at the moment of victory: two stylised figures that hold the world aloft. Gazzaniga achieved worldwide artistic fame and success with the creation of this trophy.

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